Established in 2014 by Principal Architect Carl Jacobsz, the Johannesburg based C76 Architects are inspired by expressing sophisticated simplicity, a disciplined yet exciting approach to Architecture, which searches creatively for elegance and excellence proven over time –promoting quality and timelessness over trend. We look to exploring characteristics, such as client lifestyle, context, culture and existing environmental conditions for inspiration, with the aim of producing quality South African Architecture.


Having grown up in rural Eastern Free State and graduated from the University of the Free State, Carl Jacobsz was influenced by a grounded; rural architecture of simple design strategies that has shaped his professional practice and production of affordable, sensitive, forward-thinking architecture. These core values are explored through tectonic architecture of humble materials and the exploration of beauty through expressing materiality simply.

C76 are passionate about exploring architectural solutions across project scales, budget, typology and client. Equally confident and tackling urban, commercial, and residential designs, C76 approach each project without any preconceptions; utilizing a pragmatic and conscious design methodology of minimalist design and sustainable detailing. C76 believe architecture should be formed specifically for its climatic and cultural context in order to respond astutely to the unique requirements of our client’s brief.

At C76 we work collaboratively with our clients, using our architectural approach to fully develop and understand our client’s specific brief and future architectural vision. C76 offer professional services starting by exploring initial design ideas, collaboratively resolving the design with the client through iterative design stages and the detailing of drawings and documentation. C76 actively advise and guide clients throughout the realisation of their building, overseeing and managing the project through design and construction to completion.