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138 Jan Smuts

Gauteng Institute For Architecture (GIFA) _Merit award_2017

South African Institute For Architects (SAIA) _Merit award_2018

Impala Butchery

Best of Johannesburg Award_2018

Best of Johannesburg Award_2021

House Slovo

Gauteng Institute For Architecture (GIFA) _Merit award_2019

South African Institute For Architects (SAIA) _Merit award_2020

Oggie Showroom

Gauteng Institute For Architecture (GIFA) _Excellence award_2021

Laufen International Property Award _Best retail development _ Africa & Arabia 2022-2023

South African Institute For Architects (SAIA) _Excellence award_2022-2023

Nike Shapa Soweto

Gauteng Institute For Architecture (GIFA) _Excellence award_2023



Visi Magazine_Cool spaces_Toasted Cafe - 138 Jan Smuts_December 2021

20 best architecture firms in South

Voice of the architect_CPD central 2022

Design for innovation 2022_Rise

The 100_Scape magazine_January 2024

House Christie

Visi Magazine issue 88_2017

Top Billing _ August 2017

138 Jan Smuts

Visi Magazine issue 89_2017

Architecture South Africa issue 83_2017

Leading Architecture & Design_August/September 2017

South African Architecture Awards _2017/2018

House Slovo

Visi Magazine issue 101_2019

Architecture South Africa issue 97_2019

Fairlady Magazine issue 1000 _Unique homes_May 2020

Oggie Showroom

Scape Magazine_ Sky's the limit_November 2020

Sunday Times Newspaper_ Touch wood_ 29 November 2020

Visi Magazine issue 111_2020

Architect and Builder Magazine_ December 2020 

Scape Magazine_ best projects of 2020_ December 2020

Leading Architecture & Design_ February/March 2021

Asset Magazine issue 90_March 2021

Scape Magazine issue 93_June 2023

Nike Shapa Soweto

Scape Magazine_best projects of 2021_December 2021

SA Building Review_February 2022

Visi Magazine issue 118_2022

Leading Architecture & Design_April/May 2022

Sunday Times Newspaper_Edit Living - no 17_27 March 2022 _ September 2023

House Vivier

Visi Magazine issue 130_February 2024

Scape Magazine issue 106_July 2024

Slovo Cottage

House & Leisure Magazine_volume 13_June 2024

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